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Fleetwood Mac publicity pictures, "Benifolds" period: c. 1972

These were taken around the time "Mystery To Me" and "Penguin" were recorded. The band were living in a large house in Sussex called "Benifolds", and recording using the Stones' mobile, parked outside.

"Benifolds" Polaroids: c. 1972

These are noteworthy in that, being Polaroids, they are unique and have never been published before, despite their vintage.

With Murray Head: 1975

Bob supplied much of the acoustic guitar work to Murray's seminal "Say It Ain't So" album, recorded in 1975. Bob also helped out with Murray's album "Between Us" (issued in 1979 and re-issued in 1985).

George Hurrell portrait collection: 1981

George Hurrell (1904-1992) was a celebrated Hollywood portrait photographer (for more data visit his website or try a web search - you'll find plenty of references). These pictures were taken while Bob was working on Robbie Patton's "Distant Shores" album, which Christine McVie was producing.

Fin Costello portrait collection: 1999

The collection of which this is an extract was shot on Hove beach in the late afternoon of Saturday 27 November 1999, primarily for the "There's a Heaven" CD cover. We'd met Fin just the previous evening... he works fast! Note the guitar: it's that Benifolds 3-pickup Les Paul again.

Fin is a well-known rock photographer with a long and distinguished career. Visit his website for more data and more examples of his work.

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