"There's A Heaven"

Track listing

1. There's A Heaven Above MP3 (55s, 324k)
2. Icarus Wings
3. Lady Hurricane MP3 (38s, 225k)
4. Walkin' Blues
5. Troubled Man MP3 (32s, 187k)
6. Enigma Files
7. De Da Do Da (For Dixie) MP3 (26s, 154k)
8. Walk Away
9. Indian Blue MP3 (34s, 201k)
10. Shaken Not Stirred
11. Letting Go MP3 (26s, 152k)
12. Night Hawk MP3 (21s, 123k)
13. All The Love In The World MP3 (40s, 233k)


Vocals Bob Weston & Lianne Carrol
Guitars Bob Weston
Keyboards Max Middleton & Lianne Carrol
Bass Guitar Roger Carey
Tabla Julian Franks
Harmonica Rory Cameron
Drum programming Rory Cameron
Produced by Bob Weston & Rory Cameron
Engineered by Ian Herron at Studio 125, Burgess Hill
Executive producer Peter Weston
Cover photography & design Fin Costello


A number of reviews of the CD are now available at the Penguin.


This CD is not yet available through normal channels. However a limited edition was made available from the Penguin from early December 1999 to coincide with a Q&A session Bob did over there.

We hope to be able to make the CD available via secure e-commerce from this site before too long... Please feel free to email us for more information, or to reserve a copy.

From the Penguin Q&A: hear Bob's closing comments, posted just before Christmas '99, in MP3 format (185k) or in RealAudio format (66k)!
(Hint to non-Anglophile listeners: Bluebottle and Eccles were characters from the Goon Show, a famed BBC radio show of the late '50s featuring celebrated nutters Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan, Harry Secombe, and Michael Bentine. Sort of the forerunner to Monty Python's... but with arguably better pictures!)