Bob Weston has worked with:

... amongst many others.

As a guitarist he's known for an approach to the blues that is unquestionably the real thing.

As a songwriter he's a true artist. Here too he has an authentic, unselfconscious expressiveness that is refreshing in an age when it's sometimes tempting to suggest it's all been done before.

And as a singer he's been growing in confidence and stature, and the new album demonstrates this well. Bob is hardly resting on his laurels - 30 years on from the Mac he's still growing and developing.

For a full biography, it's hard to beat those already available on the web.

The Fleetwood Mac Legacy site has a comprehensive Bob Weston biography, covering his entire career:

The Penguin site focusses on his time with Fleetwood Mac:

The Penguin hosted an interactive Q&A session with Bob in December '99, which proved fascinating and informative: